Mark Twain's Suicide Table Blood Bucket Ghost Bonanza Amen

2014. St. Mary's Art Center, Virginia City, NV

"Favela has approached the town’s material, visual and literary culture like a Las Vegas architect and created a visionary pavilion about Virginia City. With his sculptures he has re-appropriated the symbols that attract tourists to this corner of the state. Similarly to the way some visitors may approach a casino such as the Luxor in Las Vegas, MTSTBBGBA’s viewers can absorb the installation’s beauty as if they had suddenly become nineteenth-century international world expo visitors. The lingering memory of Mark Twain, the Gold Rush, the TV show Bonanza, and the souls aloft the “suicide table” of the title have all been packed together into a series of conceptual sculptures which inhabit an intimately scaled synecdoche representing the unique attractions of Virginia City."

-Excerpt from exhibition essay "Virginia City's Pavilion" by Emmanuel Ortega

This exhibition was supported by the Capital City Arts Initiative and the Comstock Foundation for History and Culture. Thank you.

Photos: Thomas Willis