2013. A collaborative exhibition with Alios lighting agency, Las Vegas, NV

"...But it’s his papier-mâché turkey currently grabbing all the attention. It came as a request by VonBastiaans, who was inspired by the giant chicken from Mysterious Island. It serves to reference a dining area. Favela’s cardboard urinal, attached to the wall next to a Philips Living Shapes interactive lighted mirror, serves as a nod to Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain,” while representing the bathroom area. Cardboard Bert and Ernie beds flank an eco-friendly Cerno LED-lit wall lamp with an extending arm.

In the “living area” VonBastiaans uses an iPad to change the hue of the LED lights above the Favela-fabricated Simpsons couch—a continuation of the TV and movie theme. As for Duchamp’s “Fountain,” Favela points to the artwork’s pop-culture crossover and ability to hold its own." 

-Kristen Peterson, Las Vegas Weekly

Photos: Krystal Ramirez